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For years I always wore Schmeichel’s watch during games. The north Londoners are already fourth with three games at hand. I’m not a City or Chelsea fan but they have brought great players to the league, made the title race competitive and we are seeing that we now could have another three clubs competing for that top four place so any four from seven is a much better option than we have had for many years. PSG Talon represents the club in the Pacific Championship Series for League of Legends, winning three titles. ‘I’m really impressed by what the club have been doing in the past few years and how quickly they have been able to increase themselves and become a club that everybody knows,’ he says. Doing it this way takes Hart out of West Ham’s team for two matches, minimum, this season. They came second to Chelsea twice and Manchester City twice, but think how much more powerful they would be, and the players they could have bought, were it not for those two. “The two of them are similar in their love and respect for the game, their desire to get to the top.

Nike President Trevor Edwards added: ‘We are excited to partner Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, a club with a proud heritage, strong identity and exciting future. In other words, there is no such thing as a bad season at Arsenal as long as the club stays true to its values. United won the Premier League with a win over Tottenham Hotspur on the final day of the season, beating Arsenal by one point. Arsenal are interested in signing Sassuolo winger Domenico Berardi, according to reports. The Bayern Munich fanboy journalists at Der Speigel are now reporting on Manchester City’s purchase of Carlos Tevez from nearly a decade ago. Liverpool will play the hosts Bayer Munich next Tuesday and then contest either the final or the third-place play-off against either Atletico Madrid or Napoli the following day. Winston Reid, the West Ham centre half, is a summer target for Liverpool. The logo has also been slightly changed to the black and gold colours with a shield around it, similar to what the team had during the 1999 season, however this one is in black. It is an irony that Pellegrini now sets store by the accumulation of goals, having made his name in the one major European league where that doesn’t matter.

Now, if Chelsea somehow muscle their way to the fore, no doubt Pellegrini will be expecting credit once more for all that lovely football. If Manuel Pellegrini wanted to prove the inferior nature of Chelsea’s football, there was a perfect time to do it. How the lad developed there. That’s why when we started in culture, when we started in art also, people were like “wow, what’s happened there? The conversation would end there. Davies scooted, cool as can be, along the goal-line boundary, drew defenders toward him and the slipped a pass to a Bayern teammate for the easiest of shots into an open goal. This week, the fan group Collectif Ultras Paris wrote an open letter to the club in which they claimed they no longer recognised their club, accusing it of losing its DNA. That 500 metres has morphed into 250 miles, with Hugo now in London, where he heads up the city’s fan club. It’s one of 129 now dotted across the globe. That number now tops one million. ‘It’s quite amazing. The club I love, I can see it now even when I am travelling, people wearing the shirts and stuff. The club insists that it recognises the importance of not losing sight of those closer to home.

Images of Manchester United’s new home kit for the 2019-20 season have surfaced after Sports Direct accidentally put it up for sale. Indeed, and while Redarmy generously uses Manchester United to bolster his argument, I dare say he is aware that his own club, Liverpool, do quite well on that global front, too, and would benefit greatly from City’s neutering. Unless they were happy picking up the money – and City’s owners happy handing it over for nothing – then those players would have to be sold and other clubs would benefit from the acquisition of Sergio Aguero, Gabriel Jesus and Raheem Sterling, for instance. Financial Fair Play could well be a flawed system, and may even have protectionist elements in respect of the old money clubs as you say. That aside, however, the club is solvent, so while they may suffer a reduced status and be unable to maintain their current place among the elite, they will not be ruined. Described as the ‘Peruvian Ronaldinho’, Benavente can play on either wing and behind the striker and has been starring for Zinedine Zidane’s Castilla side but the club are willing to sell for around £3.5m and want to insert a buy-back option.

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